Berlin Networking Session

Hosted by Europeana Space project on the occasion of its International Conference, a Networking Session of EC-funded Projects was organized in the afternoon of 22nd November. This session was a follow up to the previous similar events organized by the RICHES Project (successfully concluded in May 2016).

Such networking events represent a good opportunity to reflect on the impact that cultural heritage projects are delivering, identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their results, and identify synergies and the potential for collaboration among projects. For this reason the series launched by RICHES continues in further events, leveraging on effective collaboration with other projects.

Participant projects to this session

Presentation including all the paarticipant projects (PDF, 12.5 Mb)

The Berlin edition of the Networking Session welcomed 23 EC-funded projects for reflecting and discussing on 3 overarching themes:

  1. European Cultural Heritage Year 2018: sharing our common cultural heritage and its potential for identification, participation and development in the light of a heterogeneous European society and against the background of current political and economic challenges.
  2. The future of coordination activity among projects: what projects want to do in the future to coordinate among themselves? how can we move forward in terms of networking sessions and synergies for further research and funding application?
  3. Accessibility and sustainability of projects’ results: what happens to the work that the projects are doing? how can we ensure accessibility and sustainability?

Discussion were held under the Chatham House Rule.