Europeana Space brings together capabilities and resources in a 36-month project to build the Europeana Space open environment and to explore possibilities of reuse of digital cultural heritage.

Beside the realization of the Pilots and Demonstrators, the project’s activities can be grouped as follows:

  • a series of thematic Hackathons, to empower the Pilots ideas, to engage with the creative communities and to inspire development of novel applications. In each Hackathon, a jury selected the three best ideas to be tunnelled into further steps of supported development
  • a series of Business Modelling Workshops, which served to further shape the hackathons’ ideas having in mind their business potential and a sound approach to the market. A second round of selection defined 7 ideas which moved forward to the Incubation phase
  • an Incubation Support which resulted in 7 incubated projects.

Also, a series of public dissemination events supported the whole process:

  • various thematic workshops
  • a series of international conferences.

The project and its outcomes will be maintaned in the framework of a MoU also beyond the end of the EC-funding period.



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