Postscriptum Pliroforiki Epikoinonias epe

Profile of the organisation

PostScriptum, particularly specialized in consultancy and implementation of museum, related software services and web presence, implement technologies creating new channels of communication in the sector of culture.

Thanks to its extensive expertise on web development, POSTSCRIPTUM has undertaken the design and implementation of various websites, for both the public and private sector, using state of the art technologies and integrating advanced CMS (Content Management Systems). POSTSCRIPTUM has also planned, developed and created many corporate and product tools for institutions, organizations and corporate business, as well as organizations of local government. Furthermore, POSTSCRIPTUM has been involved, as a Communication and Dissemination subcontractor, in the implementation of European projects providing a wide range of services related to communication and dissemination issues such as development of a tailor-made communication strategy, Visual Identity, Web Presence and Publications. Finally, POSTSCRIPTUM represents zetcom’s MuseumPlus (a collection management system designed to meet the multi-faceted tasks required for managing museums, collections, galleries and cultural institutions) for the Balkans, Turkey and Cyprus thus establishing strong ties to many important South East European Museums. In particular POSTSCRIPTUM has installed, integrated and customized MuseumPlus in many museums and supports them as well as participates as a Partner in Europeana and other digital heritage EU Programmes.


Role in the project

PostScriptum has acquired significant experiences through the years of consulting and technically supporting Cultural Heritage organisations. These experiences in combination with the assimilated technological know-how of the Europeana related technologies, qualify the contribution of POSTSCRIPTUM to workplan activities.

POSTSCRIPTUM will mainly contribute to the creation of the Content Space in WP3 and will provide the technical support in WP5 for the demonstrations of the educational creative products based on the re-use of content provided by OCC and LGMA.


Key personnel

Konstantinos Konstantinidis holds a degree in Computer Sciences / Engineering, as well as a postgraduate degree in Communication Informatics. As an expert on information architecture, he has broad experience in the implementation of culture related web based information and cognitive systems. Since 1991, when founded PostScriptum, a company specializing in Information Technology and Communications, he managed various digital heritage projects for various national cultural institutions. He has contributed to studies and various implementation projects regarding collection management, digitization and promotion.

Dr. Pantelis Kalavrytinos holds a Physics degree and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Goettingen, Germany, has over 32 years’ experience concerning scientific and commercial IT-projects and 28 years of management career in Greece and abroad, in different fields of the IT-market (Project Management, Application Software Management and Services, Training Management) and is Technical consultant/ to PostScriptum Ltd since 2004.

Menelaos Sotiriou (BSc Mathematics, MSc TQM). He started his professional career by developing various Management Systems, mostly in the field of Education as well as Health Care and Telecommunications, in over 40 public and private Organisations. He is a certified auditor and has realised over 50 audits, mostly in the field of Quality Management Systems and Assurance. The last ten (10) years he is running and organising European and national projects for several institutions (including research institutions) mainly in the areas of new and innovative technologies (ICT). He has been involved in more than 30 EU projects in the areas of SiS, SSH, ICT, Research for the Benefit of SMEs. He has vast experience in networking activities as the project Coordinator of EUROSiS Project that was the Network of the Science in Society NCPs. (Greek NCP for SiS Programme). During this project he has organized a lot of brokerage events as well as info days / trainings concerning the participation of institutions in the specific programme.