Advisory Board

The project’s Advisory Board comprises specialists in different fields, who provided the Project with their expertise on IPR, on enterprise, on digital technologies etc. The Advisory Board met twice yearly throughout the project to participate in the project’s overall guidance and strategies.

Members of the E-Space Advisory Board:

Tony Ageh, BBC (UK)

Eva del Rey, The British Library (UK)

Francesca Di Donato, Net7 (Italy)

Nathalie Doury, Parisienne de Photographie (France)

Sanja Halling, Digisam, Swedish National Archives (Sweden)

Ruth Mac Partlin, Apperbook (Ireland)

Kate O’Connor, Creative Skillset (UK)

Lucia Pannese, imaginary (Italy)

Borje Justrell, Riksarkivet (Sweden) 

Peter Pharow, Fraunhofer (Germany)