Pilots & Demonstrators

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Europeana Space project comprises six Pilots, which cover the following thematic areas: Europeana TV, Photography, Dance, Games, Open and Hybrid Publishing, Museums.

The Pilots are a means to explore different scenarios for the re-use of digital cultural content, with a special focus on the re-use of the content accessible via Europeana. In facts, according to aggregated data the Pilots sourced 56.30% content from Europeana and 43.70% from other digital repositories. More analytic details on content sourcing is available in D3.6.

The results of the Pilots then contribute to the subsequent phase of the project, devoted to the identification of viable and sharable business models for the exploitation of innovative applications and new creative ventures. This work is coordinated in WP5 Innovation Space: Valorization and exploitation in the Creative Industries. They also have a strong educational legacy to be explored in the Europeana Space for Education environment and in Europeana Space MOOC “Creative with Cultural Heritage” (October 2016).

In the last year of the project, the partners decided to do more and remix the Pilots’ ideas and outcomes in an innovative product, using multiscreen technology, which can be used to create interactive and integrated virtual exhibitions: the Pop-Up Museum.



5 Demonstrators present innovative models of content use for cultural heritage and identify current best practices for environments/applications intending to facilitate re-use of digital cultural heritage content in an educational context.

The themes of these demonstrators are:

The presentation and discussions of Demonstrators using content innovatively will have a dual impact:

– students, teachers and other professionals across the wider education Sector, e.g. museums and community groups, will acquire creative and technical skills through learning how to work with the tools/applications that are offered
– they will also become more aware of the vast and diverse repository of digital cultural heritage content that Europeana can offer as a basis for teaching and learning materials that they can assemble or develop.