Business Modelling Workshops

A series of Business Modelling Workshops were organized in London following the 6 thematic hackathons.

Alongside use and re-use of digital cultural heritage, one of the central objectives of Europeana Space is job creation. Creating a successful new enterprise requires many different elements, including a clear understanding of what demand exists for the ideas and prototypes you create.

The Business Modelling Workshops provide one day of intensive mentoring to the three most promising ideas emerging from the six Hackathons. The workshops were held in London and facilitated by Remix.

The first BMW, following the TV Hackathon, took place on 26th June 2015, read the story here

The objective of the Workshop is to explore the business potential of the project ideas, considering the proposition, scale and type of demand, and business model. Focusing on enterprise is also a powerful way to become more consumer and demand-focused. Delegates will learn techniques to effectively segment their market and target their offering to one or more groups.

By asking questions such as, “What consumer trends can we utilize?”, “What are the needs and desires of our customer segment and how can we serve them?” and “What do our customers value?” the hackathon winners can come up with solutions and strategies that bring digital cultural heritage to a wider and more diversified audience. Participants were encouraged to think laterally around their ideas – to find the hidden gems contained within larger ideas, and to fully evaluate some of the assumptions they enter with.

Out of the finalists, 7 projects were selected for a tailored, three-month program of business incubation.