EUREVA (France)

Eureva SAS

Profile of the organisation

Eureva is a technology company focused on software innovation. Eureva delivers high value-added services and technologies. Its core expertise relies in multi-media cloud-computing and mobile software architectures and their implementation.

Eureva has acquired a large experience and expertise in the software industry and has developed a very high profile customer base, such as: AFP, AXA, Barco, Generali, Nexans, Orange, PSA… developing innovative multi-media oriented software projects.

With its Blinkster technology, Eureva has been award-winning for French Proximamobile and Futur en Seine. Blinkster project is also labelled by the three major French competitiveness clusters: Systematic, Moveo and Cap Digital.

Eureva is also developing cloud-based mobile solutions and studies to many other French customers, such as AXA or Nexans.

In the scope of its R&D programme – strategic pillar for the development of the company – Eureva will stress amongst other possible scenarios two user-oriented technologies that are at the forefront of network intensive usages:

  1. Image recognition and augmented reality, in a cloud-based architecture (currently working in a high-profile national French national project to maintain autonomy for the disabled, helping them from their home to a shop)
  2. Thin client interaction, with cloud-based gaming scenarios on any device that also impose requirements on the network.

Specific to image recognition and cloud-computing architectures, we can mention the following projects:

  1. AFP (French Press Agency): mobile phone image recognition of AFP’s interactive display and provisioning of additional multimedia contents.
  2. TF1 (French Television): Real-time Video recognition to present relevant additional multimedia contents on mobile phones (TV’s second screen).
  3. Large automobile manufacturer: Interactive user manuals, enabling users to access on their smartphone to the notice of their car, simply by taking a picture of a component of the vehicule.
  4. Vision Institute: augmented reality projects for the visually impaired, including real-time augmented reality on glasses.
  5. GDF-Suez: architecture and deployment of a VDI architecture.


Role in the project

EUREVA is responsible of the provision of the Blinkster technology that will be applied in the pilots for the museums and the pilot on photography.


Key personnel

Philippe Martineau, graduated from Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers, he has 20 years’ experience in the software industry, with a very broad spectrum of positions: R&D, international project management, innovation director. More recently he managed the European portfolio of Microsoft’s strategic projects, before being director of Microsoft France consulting and support services. He has also been board director of Prologue software and is the founder of SME Eureva.

Jean-Philippe Balivet, he has been working since 1991 as an IT project manager and consultant. He is specialised in the telecommunication sector, working on business and technical strategies for implementing new classes of web services for operators and content providers, for example: mobile instant messaging and IP TV (Orange), mobile music distribution services (Bouygues Telecom), In-flight entertainment systems (TF1), remote home automation (Hager). His previous experience includes consulting work for the finance sector and 3 years of research work for Electricité de France, with a focus on studies on vectorial and massively parallel simulation algorithms. Mr. Balivet holds a post-graduate research degree (DEA) in Computer Science (Université Paris XI).