NOTERIK BV (Netherlands)

Noterik BV 

Profile of the organization

Noterik is a SME company, based in Amsterdam the Netherlands, which provides tools and services in the field of WebTV. We are engaged in R&D and commercial WebTV services in the area of cultural heritage, e-learning, publishing, broadcasting and customized media workflow. Noterik has over ten years of experience in developing tools for annotating and publishing videos online. We provide tools to enrich video collections and to turn them into new, engaging experiences.

Our WebTV tools enable:

• Smart tagging of video fragments

• Integration of video with other (meta) data

• Creation of stories and presentations based on video fragments

• Social interaction with and through video

• Shared viewing models for education / recreation

• Mobile interfaces such as touch screen tablets (HTML5 apps)

• Building and prototyping multiscreen video applications (Smart TV)

Noterik is engaged in a number of international R&D projects, including FP7 LinkedTV and Euscreen eContentplus programs. Our WebTV software is used for managing and publishing large audiovisual archives which are used for example by the BBC, INA, Sound and Vision, EBU and many other European broadcasters and archive institutes.


Role in the project

Noterik will contribute to the pilot on Europeana TV that aims at making Europeana content viewable on a smart TV environment.


Key personnel:

Daniel Ockeloen was responsible for over 30 projects ranging from live media events to designing applications for the Dutch Public Broadcasters. Since 2006 he is head of the product development at Noterik and technical architect of Exhibition Builder that is used within the EUscreen project.

Rutger Rozendal is working at Noterik since 2003, he has coordinated the implementation of webcasting services to different customers. In 2006 he also became responsible for development of on-demand WebTV portals and in this roll he coordinated the softwaredevelopment and content aggregation for the EUscreen portal (2009 till 2012).

David Ammeraal is the lead HTML5 developer at Noterik. Since 2011 he is responsible for the front- development of tools that Noterik contributes to European projects such as EUscreen and LinkedTV.