LAM (Lithuania)

Lietuvos Dailes Muziejus

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Profile of the organisation

The Lithuanian Art Museum (LAM) is an institutional member of the Lithuanian Museums Association and the International Committee of Museums (ICOM). Its governing body is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Originally founded in 1933, the museum is distinguished for its rich fine arts collections that totals about 230,000 items representing historic and contemporary master paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings, applied and folk art as well rare amber stone and jewellery specimens and other museum objects.

The museum aims to collect, preserve, study, and research as well as to promote art treasures that are at its disposal, and takes an active role in regularly organizing exhibitions and cultural events. Since 2009 it has been responsible for the organization and coordination of digitisation activities in the Lithuanian museums. A special museum branch called Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS was established to fulfil the role of a national competence centre for museum digitisation.

Since 2000 the Lithuanian Art Museum has participated in many nationally and internationally significant projects. The museum’s strategic guidelines are well reflected in various art and museum infrastructure improvement projects as well as in its digitisation activities.

The Lithuanian Art Museum is an approved administrator and a recognised national training centre for implementing and managing museum digitisation projects in Lithuania as well as international projects ATHENA, Linked Heritage and Europeana Photography.


Role in the project

Content provider from Lithuanian museums and participation to the validation with user groups.


Key personnel

Sarunas Bagdonas. IT professional. Coordinator of Europeana Space Museums pilot activities at Lithuanian Art Museum focusing on utilizing digital content from museums of Lithuania via national aggregator system LIMIS for new DCH powered services development. 25 years in IT development, operations and management, 14 years in IT development and operations services export from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Oslo (Norway). He has been working for two years on joint companies and students co-creation teams facilitator in Demola Vilnius, member of Demola Network originated in Tempere  (Finland). Among Demola projects – building mobile guide solution based on Vilnius cultural heritage content by Tampere student team as a part of BSR Stardust project pilot Mobile Vikings. Universities and business collaboration developer in Kaunas as Vytautas Magnus University. Acts as Northtown Technology Parkl ICT mentor in projects „Technostartas“ and „Inoveks“ at Northtown Technology Park coordinated by Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA).

Danutė Mukienė. Head of the Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS since  July 2009. A journalist, book editor and publisher. She has worked as a journalist since 1975 in various newspapers, journals and local radio. For nearly 20 years, she has been the editor of culture and education journal Samogitian Land (“Žemaičių žemė”) in Samogitian and has published about 30 books so far. Since 1999 she has been working at the Lithuanian Art Museum and was in charge of LAM‘s Digital Publishing Centre. She was appointed as the. In 2006 she received the award from the Ministry of Culture for achievements in the museum field.