Virtual exhibitions

As examples of curated reuse of digital cultural items, three Pilots produced virtual exhibitions.



The Photography Pilot implemented a Storytelling App that also includes curated stories, mini virtual exhibitions realized with photographic heritage available in Europeana and other repositories. Further, and realized in the framework of the Pilot with collaboration of Photoconsortium, the E-Space Portal also includes a dedicated and customized space about photography with featured collections of photographic heritage and the possibility for registered users to create their own collection and exhibitions.

The Storytelling App is accessible from here

The Photoconsortium space in E-Space Portal is accessible here



The Dance Pilot curated the realization of the Dance Gateway, a space in E-Space Portal dedicated to online dance resources, items and collections acting as a form of virtual dance exhibition.

The Dance Gateway is accessible here



The OHP Pilot realized “Photomediations: An Open Book” which includes a virtual and physical exhibition of still and moving images, for which a successful call for creative works was launched in 2016. The exhibition premiered in physical form at the E-Space INternationa Conference in Berlin and constitues a full chapter of the Photomediations book.

The exhibition is accessible here