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Europeana Space delivered a rich programme of specialist Workshops, Hackathons and Demonstrators, attracting stakeholders, targeted groups, and representatives from the creative industry Sector, all over Europe. Europeana Space intended to stimulate the creation of new prototypes and ideas to be tested and demonstrated for possible further adoption and exploitation, to unlock the business potential of the digital cultural heritage and to empower the creative entrepreneurship of big and small industries. SMEs were helped to develop their services and applications through marketing and business modeling support, mentoring and incubation services, to present themselves to major industry players, through the Pilots, Workshops and Hackathons and through attendance at project events and online networking.

The project’s end is 31 January 2017. Outcomes are:

Copyright Tools for Cultural Heritage

Information about licensing, rights labelling, guidelines for identification of reusable content, and legal advice and tools for the lawful re-use of digital content.

E-Space Portal: where culture meets creativity

The Portal developed in the E-Space project provides services for content aggregation, management, interoperability, visualisation, publication and reuse. The platform streamlines existing workflows and introduces creative new uses for digital cultural heritage.

Innovation Space

Resources for creative business development and innovation, offering best practice and showcases of creative products; a rich set of innovative applications, as examples for further business exploitation; support through the processes of product development, mentoring and incubation; identification of routes to market and a market analysis to inform business modelling.

Pop-Up Museum

Integrating and remixing the Pilots’ ideas and outcomes in an innovative product, using multiscreen technology, which can be used to create interactive and integrated virtual exhibitions.

E-Space for Education

A dedicated spotlight on the work that has been done in E-Space for extending the use of digital content to the arena of education, in order to boost creativity and creative skills in teaching and learning.


The public deliverables of the project are available for download.