Proton Labs Limited

Profile of the organisation

Proton Labs ltd. is a software development company that does fast, iterative system developments for high-potential start-ups and academic labs that need to convent lab demos into products. Proton Labs provides a turn-key service model to its clients – PaaS or Prototype as a Service – that maximize the investment or seed funding value for clients. Proton Labs PaaS model spans business, design and technology developments

Proton Labs develops software enabling consumer and enterprise solutions for PCs, tablets, and smartphones applications. Applications developed so far relate to the following markets: entertainment, enterprise 2.0 solutions, mcommerce, healthcare, and financial SaaS solutions. Proton Labs has also secured a SME grant from the European Commission to assess the usability of Big Data applications being developed by Big Data labs funded by the EC. Proton Labs has developed its own platform ( – Videobot or VBOT RSVP (Really Smart Video Platform) – to manage videos efficiently from and/or to smartphones and tablets. VBOT records, manages, and plays back videos for enterprises wishing to assign access rights to the video content they own and/or license.  VBOT can be used in the following context: 2nd screen apps, video commerce applications, multimedia retrieval applications (search, archive,…) and video hosting.


Role in the project

Proton Labs will develop 2nd screen video smartphone and tablet applications that will channel both live streams of information and video files retrievable via Europeana and its related back-end systems such as EUScreen XL + Personalization features . Proton Labs will design customizable 2nd screen video smartphone and video tablet applications so that usability is relevant to Europeana Space target user groups. Usability and design deliverables pursued by Proton Labs will also extend to social media information matching Europeana content.


Key personnel

Frédéric Herrera Co-founder, COO & Head of Business Development of Proton Labs. Frédéric has 13 years of start-up experiences having designed and managed a start-up programme focused on creative digital media start-us for the Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Dublin ( Frédéric has managed a cluster of approximately 150 entrepreneurs and mentors over an 8-years period. Frédéric has also commercialized basic research into commercial spin-out and started Ireland’s National Digital Research Centre ( before co-founding Proton Labs – Frédéric is a European Commission Expert in Big Data, Semantic Web, Digital Libraries, and Multimedia Retrieval Technologies since 2005 and is co-inventor on patented technology related to Multimedia Asset Management.

Cezary Otowski Proton Labs CTO Cezary Otowski has managed operational and programming departments for Gemius, Voodoo Dance, Gadu-Gadu, and One2Tribe. Cezary has been in charge of managing and implementing new products in gaming, interactive media applications, instant messaging platforms, and value-added-services (VAS) platforms for telecommunications companies. Cezary has recently focused on bringing his development and managerial skills into new 2nd screen application developments having launched corporate applications bringing live push updates to smartphones and tablets.

Bartek Czerwinski Bartek is co-founder and CEO of Proton Labs and is focused on design and product development. Bartek has worked in the Internet sector since 1998 on visual design and web and mobile applications, via direct involvement and direction of the following products: the business information portal,, an email marketing service with a revolutionary, at that time, real-time user interface, Hubbub, a platform independent OS extension allowing users to filter out and navigate through social media and related streams of information, BeeHerd (2009 Eircom Innovation Award) platform to create, manage and monitor portable, multimedia-rich social networks, Owjo – a portable online stores that can be set up on Facebook pages, websites, videos, etc.– globally pioneering f-commerce and widget stores, – a lightweight life chat application and SporTracker – an athlete monitoring and management system.

Alexey Shabalovskiy Alexey is specialist in software/firmware engineering for audio/video/image/data processing, operating systems, and wireless communications. Alexey has managed whole teams to focus on the development of device drivers on Linux OS, kernel and bootloaders hacking, (cross-)build systems, multimedia processing technologies.