Pop-Up Museum

After accomplishing the task of creating 6 thematic Pilots to showcase creative reuse of digital cultural heritage, E-Space partners wanted to do more and remix the Pilots’ ideas and outcomes in an innovative product, using multiscreen technology, which can be used to create interactive and integrated virtual exhibitions: the Pop-Up Museum.


The Pop-Up Museum, which is a hybrid of both a digital and physical museum exhibition, is a way to showcase many of the prototypical ideas that have resulted from E-Space Pilots. The exhibition can be controlled and interacted with by the visitors through a smartphone: answer questions, swipe through content, explore the storyline, select languages, and more interactive applications will be available.

The Pop-Up Museum serves as an ideal extension to the main museum: use the mobile installation at events and festivals where you would like to target a specific audience with your collection.

Pop-Up Museum website: http://www.mupop.net/ 

The Pop-Up Museum premiered at Cultural Heritage: Reuse, Remake, Reimagine conference in Berlin, and was displayed in other public occasions.

Several scenarios and exhibitions have been created by E-Space partners to showcase the potential of the Pop-Up Museum, and more are still under development:

  • an exhibition about the Dutch State Coal Mines
  • an exploration of examples of early photography
  • stories from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch,
  • an exhibition about Cutting Edge Cuisine
  • an exhibition about Fashion, realized in cooperation with Europeana Fashion.

Download the presentation of Pop-Up Museum by Rutger Rozendal at E-Space Berlin conference, November 2016 (PDF, 3 Mb)