Through a comprehensive introduction and four specially commissioned chapters on light, movement, hybridity and networks that include over 200 images, Photomediations: An Open Book tells a unique story about the relationship between photography and other media.

The book’s four main chapters are followed by three ‘open’ chapters, populated with further content: a social space and an online exhibition for which a Call for Proposals was open (read more here). The Photomediations exhibition was showcased in physical format at E-Space Berlin conference (November 2016).

An academic book, available both as an open access, free downloadable pdf and in print, also arises from the work on Open and Hybrid Publishing: Photomediations: A Reader (Open Humanities Press, 2016), edited by Kamila Kuc and Joanna Zylinska and available for free download here.

Explore Photomediations: an Open Book below, or access the book at:

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