Europeana Sounds

europeanasounds_logo-150px_The scope of Europeana Sounds is opening the gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage is the core of Europeana Sounds.

Tens of thousands of audio items dating back to the invention of the first sound recorders are waiting to be discovered in numerous museums, archives and libraries throughout Europe. With their aggregation and digitisation, the voices and sounds of Europe will become accessible online to the widest audience. To realize this vision, Europeana Sounds will:

  • Increase the amount of audio content available via Europeana and improve geographical and thematic coverage by aggregating recordings with widespread popular appeal
  • Improve their access by enriching descriptions, developing techniques for cross-media and cross-collection linking
  • Develop audience-specific sound channels that will improve search facility, navigation and user experience
  • Promote the creative reuse of recordings
  • Identify and advocate recommendations on how to resolve domain constraints and improve access to out of commerce audio content, working with music publishers and rights holders
  • Build a network of stakeholders: specialists in technology, rights issues, software development and sound archives. The network will expand to new content-providers and mainstream distribution platforms to ensure the widest possible availability.