Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts & Humanities School (DiCultHer) is an education network, actually a networked School, promoted by the Italian Association of Cultural Institutes (AICI) and including several public and private cultural institutions, foundations, enterprises and research companies. DiCultHer aims to achieve an international virtual school for the acquisition of proficiency in the field of the digital services applied to cultural heritage. The School has a twofold set of objectives:

  • educational objectives – to provide the learners with a series of cultural and scientific tools aimed at stimulating interdisciplinary approaches and the participation in national and international projects for the preservation and promotion of digital cultural heritage, arts and humanities
  • scientific and social objectives – to develop a digital knowledge and a digital culture in the people who are already working in the cultural sector as well as in the new generations, in order to improve the value, the communication and the enjoyment of the cultural contents.

More information: http://www.digitalmeetsculture.net/article/networked-school-of-digital-cultural-heritage/

Website (italian language): http://www.diculther.eu/