Musems pilot

  • Pilot Coordinator: FST

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Users engagement, edutainment, interaction, audience development, user generated contents, but also market competitiveness…. these are some key elements that recently entered the cultural heritage paradigm. Also museums and memorials, especially the small and medium ones, had to update their strategies and structures according to this new cultural scenario, but keeping on facing the “old” challenges: such as optimization of decreasing financial resources, update of collections, design of new exhibition paths.

The Museums pilot has been designed keeping in mind all these aspects with the aim of creating ready-to-use solutions for content and exhibition curators but also for end users, that maximise results leveraging on the archive of multimedia contents available in Europeana combined with web-based and mobile solutions. Two distinct products will be the result of this activity:

  • The Toolbox, a web-based application designed for museum curators, that allows them to create always brand new educational videos and promotional worksheets melting the museums/memorials contents with the heritage of Europeana
  • The Blinkster mobile app – that will enrich the exhibitions with Europeana contents by exploiting the mobile strength such as augmented reality, object recognition and geolocalization for education and entertainment experiences within hand’s reach

The two solutions developed in this pilot are under testing in a diversified international scenario of museums and memorials from Germany, Lithuania and Estonia.

Potentially, the outcomes of this Pilot are of interest for all the museums, memorial and cultural sites, especially the small and medium ones, not only in the countries where the Pilot will be tested but also in other EU countries. The staff of these institutions might use the toolbox to produce storyboards for educational purposes and as a basis for producing short videos or trailers for exhibitions. Creative industries overall can also make use the outcomes of this Pilot to create new products for cultural institutions.