We Make Known – we vivify archive experience, we spot hidden treasures, we empower the audience.

We Make Known provides easy and inspiring access to digitized archives. It’s a semantic search engine that aims to revolutionize the way we experience our digital memories. We focus on the joy of discovery, the possibility of wandering around to find hidden treasures.

Digitization creates a whole new world of possibilities for audiences and institutions. We’re challenged by a vast amount of cultural data – both fascinating and frightening. How can we cope with the complex cosmos of our cultural heritage?

WMK tackles three problems:

  1. Existing search engines let us only find what we already know

For the user, WMK is an interface and search logic that empowers the audience to explore archives beyond their existing knowledge in an intuitive and fun way.

  1. We make it easy and low cost for institutions to showcase their digitized collections online

For the institution, WMK is a service that enables promotion, analysis and optimisation of their archives with little effort, cost or technical know-how.

  1. Different standards in archive digitization aggravates knowledge transfer

WMK is a powerful hub to standardize and manage various archive systems. This enables a archive overarching link of knowledge with great future opportunities for institutions and users.

Besides all the great supporters, Knut (Developer) and Marius (Designer) build the core of the WMK team. Currently we’re looking for a developer that like to join us on our journey.

To find out more about WMK check: wemakeknown.com