LOGO noraWe are four art-flirty young women, each one different from the other.
We are your companions on an infinite journey through the jungle of Culture.
We are Italians, surrounded by Arts, Culture and Beauty and for sure this helped in our vision
that Beauty is everywhere, but a little bit more in Art.

Forget about the grade-school teacher who dragged you at the museum, tedious books, knowall professors looking alike and objectiveness: no one is really objective, so why should we?
We will show you that everything is related to everything else and that unexpected things are
more related than the others.
We are not close friends with Botero, Hirst or Koons nor we do not have a Pollock hanging on
our walls (at most we could afford a drawing by our niece).
We are not the guest stars invited at MoMA’s private views but we know all the openings with
a free buffet and lots of wine.
We are not professional photographers so enjoy our genuine pictures taken with our mobile
phones (if we remember to put them in charge).

We will tell you what these Unidentified (maybe Flying) Objects of Arts are, explaining why
they probably cost more than your whole house.
We will interview people from the Art world, asking them what you want to know.
We will confess you some secrets and curiosities, so you can look smarty with your friends by
telling them.
We will show you the connections between art, cinema, fashion, music, architecture and each
subject you are interested in.
We will suggest you which exhibition to visit on your next trip.
We will guide you in this magnificent, terrifying, fascinating and oneiric world.

Be ready for irreverence, fanciness, sauciness, laughing to death, aesthetic poetry written
under alcohol fumes, tip ‘n tricks to become the perfect infiltrated at vernissages and more on.

Embrace this cultural spectrum made of coloured and b/w strands, that would make the eyes of
the teachers rolling back.
Enjoy NORA