Copyright Tools for Cultural Heritage

Here you can access our guidelines and tools for clearing copyright and find information about the development of business models for the exploitation of digital cultural heritage content.

These tools are written for the benefit of entrepreneurs, creative companies, owners of digital archives and collections, and individuals interested in open digital cultural heritage content.

The Content Space contains information about licensing, rights labelling and associated new technical standards, guidelines on how to identify re-usable content, and legal advice and tools for the lawful re-use of digital content.

Here you will also find case studies based on the E-Space pilots, and guidance, tools and resources on openly licensed and public domain materials in the Open Content Exchange Platform.

The E-Space content and collections themselves can be accessed via the E-Space Portal.

IP and the Europeana Space project

A (tour) Guide to Using the IPR Consulting Kit

Online IPR Consulting Kit 

E-Space IPR Case Studies

Open Content Exchange Platform