Piero Attanasio

“Trends in rights information management and digitisation programmes”

Piero Attanasio AIE

Piero Attanasio during his speech

Rights information management is essential to facilitate rights negotiation, speeding up solutions in many areas, including large scale digitisation programmes. Recent experiences show the value of innovation in this field, both to serve digitisations driven by the public sector, and to stimulate re-use of out of commerce works by publishers. Starting from some use cases in Europe, it is possible to identify a new model, based on the separation of rights information management from rights trade.

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About Piero

After a degree in economics at the University of Bologna, Piero has been working in book publishing since 1986. In 1995 he joined AIE (Italian Publishers Association) where he is currently head of international affairs and R&D programmes and coordinates the activities of the academic publishing group. He is CEO of mEDRA (multilingual European DOI Registration Agency).

He has been the scientific director of the ARROW projects (www.arrow-net.eu), the leading European initiative to facilitate right information management in digital library programmes and is now chair of the Arrow Association, the-not-for profit organisation managing the Arrow system.

He is member of the Executive committee of the ISBN International Agency, where he served as chair since 2006 to 2012. He was also board member of Editeur and of the International DOI Foundation. He is author of many articles and two monographs about book industry, in particular about the impact of technologies on book trade and rights management in digital environment. He is lecturer in the Master course on publishing at the University of Milan.