Charlotte Waelde

Charlotte Waelde

Charlotte Waelde during her speech in Venice conference

About Charlotte

Chartotte Waelde is Professor of Intellectual Property Law in the Centre for Dance Research at the University of Coventry.

As a researcher, her focus is on the intersection between intellectual property in general and copyright in particular and changing technologies. She examines changes in the law and practice wrought by those technologies, and the impact that those changes have on the way that the law is both perceived and used by the affected communities. Her work explores ways in which the law may be better calibrated to meet the needs of stakeholders. Her work is international in nature, but also has strong comparative, European and domestic influences appropriate to the subject areas.

She has been involved in many funded projects: she was co- Director of the Edinburgh research Centre SCRIPT from 2002-2012; led the network, Music and Dance: Beyond Copyright Text? and is co-I on the project Invisible Difference: Disability Dance and the Law all major AHRC funded projects. She was CoI for the ESRC and ESPRC funded Digital Curation Centre at Edinburgh. She is chair of the Intellectual Property Office Copyright Research Expert Advisory Group. In addition to her academic experience Charlotte has extensive practical experience of copyright in business and the community having been involved in many consultancy projects. Charlotte was also one of the co-drafters of the Open Database Licence 

“This Contested Space” PDF of Charlotte’s presentation (252 Kb) at E-Space Venice conference