Antonella Fresa

Antonella Fresa Promoter

Antonella Fresa during her speech at the E-Space Opening Conference in Venice

About Antonella

ICT expert, working on European cooperation projects and policy development frameworks. Member of the Concertation Table of the Italian Ministries of Culture and Research, concerning the implementation of the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. Enterprise fellow at Coventry University. Currently she is technical coordinator of Europeana Space, EuropeanaPhotography, Civic Epistemologies, PREFORMA and DCH-RP and Communication Manager of RICHES. Formerly she was Technical Coordinator of LINKED HERITAGE, DC-NET ERA-NET, INDICATE, MINERVA series and MICHAEL series. From 2002 until 2012 adviser of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Project Officer at the European Commission between 1999 and 2002. Previously: policy advisor for the High Technology Network of the Tuscany Region, advisor to Italian and European organisations in the area of electronic publishing, e-learning, online services and applications;. product manager at Tower Tech; researcher at Olivetti.

E-Space Opening Conference in Venice: presentation of the Europeana Space project

Introduction to Europeana Space

PDF of Antonella’s presentation (1,3 Mb)