Digital Cultural Content Re-imagined: New Avenues for the Economy and Society

It is becoming ever more important that Cultural Institutions and the Creative Industries connect, to explore new opportunities and unlock the business potential of digital cultural heritage. The Europeana Space project, including representatives of both sectors, intends to demonstrate the long-term value and mutual benefit of creating an open, fertile environment where digital cultural content can be re-used entrepreneurially, to develop innovative creative applications and viable products.

This two-day conference covered key topics related to re-use of cultural contents in creative Industries, and presented the 6 thematic pilots to be developed by Europeana Space, which are going to explore new possibilities of creative reuse of digital cultural content.

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Speakers (including presentations)

The conference included a presentation by Daniel Ockeloen (Noterik) about the current state of multiscreen market, showing the latest innovative applications and toolkits, and trying to stir interest in the wealth of possibilities that everybody can experiment by trying out ideas of what to do with the screens around us.

Presentations of the Europeana Space pilots available here >>