Examples of use-cases in the Europeana TV Pilot

In the framework of the Europeana TV Pilot, we have specified some of the use-cases that we have brainstormed in the very early days of the project, as examples of ideas that could be thought of during the Hackathon linked to the TV Pilot, and they were immediately very useful to jumpstart the initial development of the toolkit.

At the beginning, these use-cases will be developed internally by the pilot participants, during “simulated workshops” that will help with the progress of the scenarios. Further along the simulated workshops will become less ‘simulated’ and will be available to external parties to come up with their own use cases and ideas based on their own experience within the creative industries and customer needs. Ultimately using these workshops we will fine-tune the toolkit using use cases and scenarios developed by persons within the creative industry.

Use-case #1: Multimedia timeline for use in History classroom 

Use-case #2: Museum: Learn new words using Europeana content

Use-case #3: Elderly in living room

Use-case #4: Classroom

Use-case #5: The Europeana TV – Game

Use-case #6: Europeana TV – video analysis tool

Use-case #7: Chance discovery of rich cultural content

Use-case #8: Cross-generation content discovery

Use-case #9: Intercultural content exploration