Cavafy Poems

  • Led by OCC

A digital application comprising multiple thematic layers will be developed to showcase the work of seminal Greek poet C. P. Cavafy. The application will house digitised manuscripts of a specific number of Cavafy poems along with audio and video recordings of said poems and audiovisual commentary by leading scholars. The Cavafy digital application will function as a navigator to the life and work of the poet sporting additional data layers (e.g. people, places, events, and artefacts) that will aim at reusing Europeana content not only to augment the experience of using the application but also as a way of contextualising Cavafy’s place within the expansive tapestry of Europe’s cultural history. The broader aim of the application is to disseminate and make accessible the richness of the Cavafy oeuvre and investigate how the impact of digital literary applications such as this demonstrator might be increased within specific educational and cultural contexts.